Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce Publishes Results of Poll of Worcester Residents



Worcester, MA- Today, the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce released portions of a poll it commissioned in April of 500 Worcester residents using data from the 2020 U.S. census. The poll was conducted by Anne Danehy, President of Strategic Opinion Research, Inc., and all 500 respondents were conducted over the telephone from zip codes across the city.


Some of these results are as follows:

The poll asked all respondents whether Worcester was headed in the right direction or wrong direction. 60% indicated that Worcester was moving in the right direction with 21% saying it was headed in the wrong direction. 19% had no opinion.

Respondents, when asked about the number one issue facing Worcester that they worry or think about most often, the cost of living and crime were the two issues in which they are the most concerned.

When respondents were asked what type of news they were most interested in 63% answered that local news was their preference.

63% of the respondents said a primary focus of the Worcester City Council should be creating more jobs for Worcester residents with 30% disagreeing and 7% with no opinion. 53% said taxing businesses disproportionately risks driving businesses out of Worcester with 36% disagreeing and 12% with no opinion.

71% of the respondents were in favor of Worcester building more apartments with 23% in opposition and 6% with no opinion.

Respondents by over an 80% margin said the commuter rail and the Worcester Regional Airport have been a benefit to the city.

82% believed workforce training was critical in attracting businesses and jobs to Worcester. Lastly, 55% of the respondents felt the Worcester Public Schools provided a great education with 30% disagreeing and 7% undecided.

The margin of error in this polling was 4.5%