Your Voice Matters!

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our community and economy. 

Our Chamber membership consists of predominantly small businesses who work hard each day to provide quality services and products, and meet a payroll that keeps local people employed. Many of our members also play active roles in community and philanthropic endeavors in the neighborhoods and communities where they are located.

Small business owners face daily challenges – often complicated by rapidly changing laws – that impact their ability to run their business in a predictable and financially successful manner. These challenges include highest in the nation energy costs and escalating health care bills, to name a few. Many of our members are grappling with the implementation of the new EMAC (Employer Medical Assistance Contribution) tax. Meanwhile, multiple ballot questions are being proposed regarding minimum wage increases, mandating 16 weeks of paid family leave and 26 weeks of paid medical leave, for businesses of all sizes.

The Chamber and other business leaders have been advocating and engaged in good faith negotiations with Speaker DeLeo, Senate President Chandler, and proponents of these ballot questions to seek a balanced legislative compromise to these proposals in the current legislative session that expires on July 31, in an effort to avoid the need for a ballot referendum.


The Chamber is asking you to contact your State Representative and State Senator to share with them the many challenges you face. Let them know that balanced solutions which respect and value the important role that small businesses play in our local economy are needed in these negotiations.

Below is contact information for the legislators in our region, if you have questions about who your State Representative or State Senator is please click here.


The Honorable Harriette Chandler, Senate President  |  State House, Room 332, Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-1500  |  Email:


The Honorable Ryan Fattman, Senator  |  State House, Room 213-A, Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-1420  |  Email:


The Honorable Anne Gobi, Senator  |  State House, Room 513  |  Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-1540  |  Email:


The Honorable Michael Moore, Senator  |  State House, Room 109-B  |  Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-1485  |  Email:


The Honorable Dean Tran, Senator  |  State House, Room 312-D  |  Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-1230  |  Email:


The Honorable Donald Berthiaume, Jr. Representative  |  State House, Room 540  |  Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-2090  |  Email:


The Honorable Kate Campanale, Representative  |  State House, Room 542  |  Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-2488  |  Email:


The Honorable Daniel Donahue, Vice Chair  |  House Committee on Redistricting  |  State House, Room 160  |  Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-2304  |  Email:


The Honorable Peter Durant, Representative  |  State House, Room 33  |  Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-2060  |  Email:


The Honorable Kimberly Ferguson, Representative  |  State House, Room 473B  |  Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-2263  |  Email:


The Honorable Brian Murray, Representative  |  State House, Room 443  |  Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-2460  |  Email:


The Honorable Paul Frost, Representative  |  State House, Room 542  |  Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-2489  |  Email:


The Honorable Hannah Kane, Representative  |  State House, Room 236  |  Boston, MA 02133
Tel: 617-722-2430  |  Email:

The Honorable Mary Keefe, Representative  |  State House, Room 473F  |  Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-2210  |  Email:


The Honorable Kevin Kuros, Representative  |  State House, Room 443  |  Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-2460  |  Email:


The Honorable John Mahoney, House Chair  |  Joint Committee on Election Laws  |  State House, Room 443  |  Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-2460  |  Email:


The Honorable Joseph McKenna, Representative  |  State House, Room 33  |  Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-2060  |  Email:


The Honorable David Muradian, Jr., Representative  |  State House, Room 156  |  Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-2240  |  Email:


The Honorable Harold Naughton, Jr., House Chair  |  Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security

State House, Room 167  |  Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-2230  |  Email:


The Honorable James O’Day, House Chair  |  Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government

State House, Room 540  |  Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-2090  |  Email: james.o’


The Honorable Todd Smola, Representative  |  State House, Room 124  |  Boston, MA 02133

Tel.: 617-722-2100  |  Email: