WORCESTER – At the Woostapreneurs Forum, D. Moschos, Esq., of Counsel at Mirick O’Connell discussed a number of potential human resource problems that businesses can encounter if they do not have proper systems in place as a company grows and hires more employees. Below are a few highlights from that discussion.

“To be eligible for the Family Leave Act, an employee must work at a location where the company employs 50 or more employees within 75 miles.”

“You have to have a summary plan description for life, disability and health insurance and you have to have that available and give employees notice.”

“A brand new law that applies to everyone whether you have one employee or 3,000 says you have to provide sick leave to employees. They earn sick leave on the basis of accruing one hour for every 30 hours of actual work. If you have below 11 employees, that sick leave can be unpaid. The Attorney General’s Office has a lot of material that can help you relative to this law.”

“If you have seasonal help, you can say that they have to be employed for 90 calendar days to use the sick leave they have earned. There is a very good poster explaining this law that you can post.”