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Women’s Events

Women are a vital part of today’s workforce.

Women make up nearly half of our workforce, and many women are the primary breadwinners for their families. More than 75 percent of single mothers are the sole provider for their family. Millions of women in the U.S. are more likely to live in poverty than men and still face significant barriers to economic security and stability, including: occupational segregation; barriers to moving into higher-level positions; low wages and unequal pay; inadequate workplace flexibility; and pregnancy and sex discrimination.

Women continue to earn less than men, and almost twice as many women as men earn minimum wage or less each year. In 2012, women earned about 81 cents for every dollar a man earned. The wage gap results in significant lost wages that continue to add up over a woman’s lifetime. These programs strive to support women and encouraging businesses to:

• Improve workplace practices and supports
• Promote greater access to and preparation for better jobs for women
• Promote fair compensation and equal pay



The Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting women in business. The Chamber’s programs and events help to build a network for women that encourages mentorship, education, and professional growth.




The Power of Women program brings together enterprising women (of all levels of expertise) and provides a broader platform within the region for all women in business.




The Worcester Women’s Leadership Conference is a one-day leadership development forum held annually.  The conference has grown to attract more than 800 attendees, hundreds of exhibitors, and dozens of expert speakers on issues that most impact women, such as business empowerment and entrepreneurship, work/life balance, and career advancement.