Snapshot: 2015 – 2016 StartUp Worcester Cohort Companies

StartUp-Worcester-LogoAgraponics LLC  |  Clark University

This agriculture technology company aims to design, build, and sell aquaponic and hydroponic systems using space age technology for individuals and organizations seeking to produce their own sustenance.

The company also teaches people how to grow their own food by providing the necessary products, resources, education, and support. Agraponics won the 2015 Ureka Pitch Competition at Clark University and were awarded seed funding to start the company.

Products help customers offset the cost of fresh food and is focused on individuals and organizations seeking a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. System can fit any need but the company’s focus is primarily on institutions such as schools.

ISLA International, Inc.  |  Clark University

This start-up aims to empower small Caribbean island communities by utilizing a resilient and sustainable energy, water, and food infrastructure to mitigate climate change and help island communities adapt to its negative impacts. Their projects will improve and modernize infrastructure while also accelerating economic development to improve the well-being of a community.

The project uses smart and integrated renewable energy technologies with storage systems that provide clean and sustainable electricity.

For All To Play  |  WPI

For All To Play designs and develops video games that are accessible to people with visual, hearing, physical, and cognitive disabilities, and are planning to expand into the casual game space.

Their interactive audio adventures can be played using only sound. Their first game, Grail to the Thief, was designed with the needs of the blind and visually impaired in mind but can be enjoyed by everyone. Their goal is to deliver an exciting, immersive experience for all through voice-overs, sound effects, ambient sound, and music.

Petricore Games  |  Becker College  |  Watch Feature Story

Petricore is a game, website and app development company focused on mobile devices. Petricore has released two games in the Apple Store and Google Play, including Mind the Arrow with more than 200,000 downloads worldwide.

Another game, Gelato Flicker has also been released with positive results. The company also provides app development for businesses to help fund its work.

Zephyr Workshop  |  Becker College

This game developer and consultancy plans to create mass market, simple strategy games as both card and board games and mobile games. Their target audiences are semi-casual male and female game players aged 13 – 34.

The company develops designs and artwork on contract to fund their own projects that they are while simultaneously developing. Physical products are taken to market via third-party publishers, while on-going and developing products are self-published and delivered to consumers through tradeshows and other events.

EventTree  |  WPI

EventTree is a mobile app that helps users discover the events they are interested in, no matter where they are.

This company was formed to bridge the gap between students and the incredible offerings of Worcester.

EventTree lists event details, allows users to connect with friends, and enables users to host and post events. The company is partnering with local sources to gather the  information for each city it serves.

The initial target is the 36,000 college students in Worcester.

Media: Forbes 30 Under 30September 2019

WooConnect  |  Clark University

This smartphone and web application integrates and connects college and university campuses with students and their community to discover the best events and promotions in their area.

The app provide students with a convenient and engaging way to explore what is going on and off campus, while giving businesses consistent access to a captured college market to increase their revenue.

The initial strategy to bring WooConnect to market is to contract with the local universities to premiere the application during the orientation process.

The Fashion Cookbook  |  Clark University

The Fashion Cookbook utilizes a two pronged business model consisting of an image consulting service and fashion blog that takes a holistic and educational approach to helping others develop their personal style and improve their confidence.

The tool makes fashion fun and easy – like trying out a new recipe. The blog is a platform for sharing inspirational and personal stories, how-tos, outfit styling tips and tricks, shopping advice, and more.

LiveLab  |  Clark University
Entrepreneurial co-housing utilizes the basic rental housing model and adapts it to grow collaborative networks, spark creativity, and build innovation into the daily routine of residents. Additionally, space will be deliberately designed to spark creativity. The target market is post-graduate Worcester college students who are launching businesses or are engaged in local innovation networks.


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