Snapshot: 2017 – 2018 StartUp Worcester Cohort Companies


Arrow   |   Novall Khan

Harvard University Graduate School of Education, 2012

Arrow is a smarter, more-connected dating app. It features match suggestions made by friends, and a first-date safety feature via location share. Download Arrow on the App Store.

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AsanaRa   |   Daysha Williams

Clark University

Natural Skincare Products

Box Mountain Games   |   Jacob Peltola

Becker College, 2016

A central MA independent game studio dedicated to creating outside-the-box interactive media!

Dropwise   |   Marc Printz & Nathan Rosenberg

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2019

Dropwise is a company that makes products and services that do social good. Driply, our first product, is a social, competitive mobile game that gamifies advertising for 100% user engagement. With Driply we can help companies find out what consumers know about them, strengthen their brand, hype up product releases and find out what causes consumers care about. By purchasing from advertised companies players receive additional points. A major aspect of the game, the majority of revenue is donated by Dropwise to whichever charitable causes players select. By playing Driply you can be a social champion, and champion change.

FRWD Inc.  |   H. Anthony Moore

Howard University, 2016

FRWD is a mobile application that provides voice controllable automated savings. Through small regular drafts every 2-3 days, the FRWD plan will enable all users to save at least $1000 in a year. The app will also provide the flexibility to set personal goals and transfer money from one goal to another. Revenue will be generated through minuscule transaction fees on FRWD plan drafts, early withdrawal fees and interest on user savings.

GeoStage   |   Brian Keeley-DeBonis

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

GeoStage is a free app that let’s you play location based games of assassin with your friends. Simply get a group of friends that will be frequenting the same general location for an extended period of time, create a game in that location, and start playing.

HydroGlyde Coatings, LLC  |  Stacy Chin

College of the Holy Cross, 2012

It has been over 50 years since the last technological advance was made with latex condoms. By introducing HydroGlyde coated condoms to the market, our mission is to: offer an better product that offers longer lasting condom lubrication compared to   commercially available personal lubricants and packaged lubricated condoms; promote correct and consistent condom usage; provide an innovative solution to address health concerns of preventing the spread of STIs and unwanted pregnancies; and improve users’ satisfaction and experiences associated with latex condoms

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Psychoactive Entertainment  Tyler Elie Haddad

Becker College, 2018

Game Development, Mobile App and Software Contract Development

PW Industries  |  Paul Wiley

Holy Cross, 2019

Promotional Marketing Products

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Simplicity Tech  |  Angelo Padin

US Marine Corps

Technology company that specializes in social media marketing and mobile app design for niche industries.

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The Hum  |  David Powers &  Tim O’Neil

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), 2018

Daily Email, Online Resource Center, Educational and Networking Events.

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WooRides  |  Shahbaz Soofi, Ali Soofi, Joshua Averett, Valentine Beluchukwu, Imrana Soofi, & Yaovi Tsomana

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2014

WooRides is a zero-carbon emission transportation fleet serving Worcester’s vibrant community of residents, students, and professionals. We have begun by using traditional technologies to connect Worcester’s history and culture into the future of Worcester’s growth. Through our services we envision alternative futures rooted in sustainable technologies, equitable cities, and small business enterprise. Whether to enjoy nightlife, make it to a business meeting, or plan an event, we are here for you!

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