Snapshot: 2016 – 2017 StartUp Worcester Cohort Companies


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Dormboard   |   Julia Carrasquel, Clark University (2016) and Delight Gavor, Clark University (2016)

Dormboard is an attachable bedside desk made for students living in dorms, it can work as a desk during the day and a nightstand during the night. It attaches to the bed frame making the patentable product sturdy and safe to use for belongings. It provides students with the comfort, space, and versatility they need in today’s age.

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Maximum Crash   |   Rejon Taylor-Foster, Becker College (2017)

Maximum Crash is a digital production studio that delivers specially tailored products, experiences, and design services. Maximum Crash specializes in bringing the product of your dreams into reality. Every product is made with the intent of making the world a better place.

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Rookie   |   Ashwin Sathy, WPI (2017)

Rookie is a SAAS based company that has developed a software that converts images with data into excel spreadsheets for analysis. For paper-based industries trying to migrate to a computer system, the only hurdle is the historic data that needs to be converted into an excel spread sheet for future reference or analysis. Rookie’s OCR conversion tool provides a basic user interface for converting all data into digital data.


ShopRagHouse   |   Bridgette Hylton, Dartmouth / HLS, Joana Florez, HLS

ShopRagHouse produces limited edition garments, 100% designed and chosen by our members through Project Runway style competitions, hosted on-site. ShopRagHouse aims to remove barriers in the fashion industry by offering fashion dreamers, enthusiasts, and innovators the opportunity to put their work directly in front of the people that matter most, prospective buyers.


Slydde  |   Peter Levin, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2015)

Slydde is a mobile-ordering platform designed to streamline the most enduring frustrations inherent to traditional ordering and payment processes. In doing so, we make sure your focus is with the things that matter — not cash, cards, or … the wait.

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Solar for Our Superheroes (S4OS)   |   Krissy Truesdale, Clark University (2019)

Solar for Our Superheroes thanks local leaders, whom have shown outstanding service to their communities, such as veterans, teachers, firefighters, etc., by giving them solar panels for their homes free of cost. Solar for Our Superheroes can save heroes money every month while also creating positive examples of renewable energy in Massachusetts communities.

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The Learning Hub –   |   Giselle Rivera-Flores, Worcester State University (2017)

The Learning Hub creates an opportunity for all students and families in Worcester to obtain the competitive advantage that is needed to achieve success, both academically and socially. The Learning Hub – the only one of its kind – is an alternative to a large tutoring center.

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Vimesys   |   Benjamin Pinaya, WPI (2015)

Vimesys wants to offer a complete solution to a problem many companies have – providing software and custom hardware. This is accomplished by taking care of sensors, HR, notifications and corporate email, making Vimesys’ platform the first and most important thing employees log into when they get to work in the morning.


Zephyr Workshop   |   Breeze Grigas, Becker College (2013)

Zephyr Workshop is a game development studio founded in 2013. It’s flagship game is “A.E.G.I.S. – Combining Robot Strategy Game” which has been signed by a publisher and heading towards nationwide release. Zephyr doesn’t just build games, it aims to create strong and unique intellectual properties for tabletop and digital platforms.

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May 5, 2016