Snapshot: 2021 – 2022 StartUp Worcester Cohort Companies

StartUp Worcester Press Release Fall 2021


A Sneakerhead’s Paradise  |  Nazr El-Scari

Lehigh University, 2021

A simple online concierge dashboard that gives customers access to sneakers that fit their pricing and wishlist preferences through a subscription-based format. They operate at the intersection of retail and resell sneakers in the secondary sneaker market.


Barn Owl Technologies  |  Richard Chen

Babson College, 2022

Chemical-free agricultural pest control through alternative solutions powered by IoT.


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Cat in the Box LLC  |  Dawn LaFontaine

Brandeis University, 1986

Designer and manufacturer of whimsical and pet-safe cardboard box playhouses for cats.


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Munq LLC |  Timothy Hally

Clark University, 2020

A creative agency that provides three core services: brand strategy and identity, videography, and web development.


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Vault LLC (formerly Pennywise PPE Protection) |  Ethan Lutz

Clark University, 2021

Blockchain-powered verification systems for counterfeit personal protective equipment (PPE) and other products.


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Student entrepreneur Ethan Lutz ’21 earns top award at 2021 Ureka Challenge 


Reach  |  Alex Jayyosi

Northeastern University, 2021

A social media company aimed at getting users of the platform to engage with their environment by utilizing a location-based interactive map that directs users towards fun, in-person things to do and people to meet.


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Routi  |  Moushe Babroudi

UMass Amherst, 2023

An all-in-one cloud-based communication software for government agencies to communicate between themselves and with the public. Routi allows government agencies, especially in the business of public safety, to update other agencies and the public in real time using interactive mapping services.


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Spicy Water Distillery |  Barry Bacon

Providence College, 1995; Ohio University, 1996

A craft spirits distillery and tasting room, with products all created from scratch on the premises, utilizing locally grown products such as corn.


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Sympal, Inc.  |  Cheryl Shao

NYU College of Dentistry, 2019 (PhD/DDS)

An orthodontic solution company that designs and manufactures clear tooth aligner systems called SymTray that allow for non-surgically remodeling bone structure in the mouth. Also a developer of a mobile tooth tracking app, SymTrack, with 3D modeling that cuts down on dental visits. “The new braces”.


TagHawk, Inc. |  Ning Ding

Boston College, 2018

A community-based online resale marketplace for buying and selling used items in certain communities such as apartment complexes, universities, or clubs. They charge a commission on all resale transactions and empower community authorities to monetize their member networks.


Urban Spice World LLC  |  Pooja Vishal

Madras University, 2004

Ready-to-cook meal kits shipped to your door with instructions. The meals center around Indian cuisine.


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X Therapeutics, Inc. |  Luis Miranda

University of Colorado, 2002 (PhD, Cell Biology)

A startup biotech company at the pre-seed stage developing novel antivirals.