Snapshot: 2022 – 2023 StartUp Worcester Cohort Companies


Applied Industrial Measurements  |  Abraham Walters

A company developing software to help manufacturers track product quality through color measurement.


BrainFed Skateboards  |  Adam Vadala-Roth

Custom designed and manufactured skateboards.


CoverOrigin  |  Raul Socha

A website which educates consumers on insurance choices and compares quotes in one place.


Culture Redesigned |  Adriana Vaccaro

Cultural training and consulting for businesses that is based in behavioral science and diversity, equity, and inclusion.


EcommBeam |  Sean Lewis

Digital marketing and e-commerce for businesses that do not have a digital presence.


Factorize  |  Ilyas Salhi

A customizable software that allows manufacturers to automize their quoting system for potential customers, especially major public companies.


Girly Girl Soaps  |  Michele Montalvo

Handmade organic soaps, lotions, and other skin products. |  Jon Lincoln

The first-ever online marketplace that donates 100% of its profits to charity to promote social good.


Bloom by JLouise |  Jammie Glenn

Handcrafted and botanically infused oils, candles, salves, scrubs, and more, with a focus on mental health and wellness.


K Sense Co. |  Katherine Aguilar

Handmade and sustainably crafted eco-friendly gifts.


Nataiwi Products |  Angel Marie Shelton

High-end and affordable organic skin and haircare products, particularly for people of color and people with hair loss conditions.


Nayath |  Cynthia Moore

An algorithmic application programming interface that helps manufacturers automize their supply chains.