Daily Radio Blast

The Chamber’s 10-12 minute Daily Radio Blast takes place every day at 8:45am, Monday through Friday, on the Radio Worcester Network, and on WCRN AM 830.

Led by veteran radio news host Hank Stolz, the interview-style segment features news items and updates geared toward the business community. Guests include Chamber staff, city and state leaders, and member businesses and organizations.

Guests from a variety of industries and backgrounds call-in, or appear at the studio to update listeners on the latest trends in the business, local projects, legislation, higher education. events, and other relevant discussions affecting the region’s business climate. Alternatively, pre-recording of Daily Radio Blast segments is available to guests and sponsors.

Daily Radio Blasts are promoted on the Chamber’s multiple social media channels and other digital platforms, and can be sent to guests for use on their own marketing channels. The Daily Radio Blast segments are also published on the Chamber’s SoundCloud account.



For more information, and appearance requests, please contact Caitlin Lubelczyk at clubelczyk@worcesterchamber.org

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