Snapshot: 2023 – 2024 StartUp Worcester Cohort Companies


StartUp Worcester 2023 Press Release Announcement


ChillyDoggy  |  Joshua Davidson

A prototype portable AC unit that prevents harm to pets in hot vehicles and other closed spaces.


Enduring Wishes  |  Vladimir Charlemagne

A secure and private digital vault for storing important estate planning documents and family memories.


Exo-Lytics  |  Daniel Zimmer

A proprietary method for manufacturing exosomes, extracellular vesicles that can carry proteins used to heal and improve other cells.


External Ventilator Pod  |  Rachel Chan

A medical device to help obese patients with underlying lung issues during hospital stays.


EzBusy  |  David Echavarria

AI-powered, no-code web design services.


GMG Mobility Systems  |  William Gunn

Digital marketing and e-commerce for businesses that do not have a digital presence.


Pananosis Laboratories  |  Joseph Yu

Better early detection methods for cancer screening using single molecule sequencing.


Pedi-U  |  Daniel Salvadore

An app for transforming a child’s inpatient experience in hospitals by creating meaningful connections and bonds between patients.


SnowGo   |  Christian Lopez

An app that makes it easy for homeowners and business owners to order professional snow removal services.

In the news: Two Fitchburg men create snow removal app

Tabs App   |  Christopher Villamarin

An app that optimizes the bar experience for both business owners and customers by facilitating online drink ordering.


Trivflic  |  Thomas Haigh

Gamified online trivia and social media platform designed to build a sense of community.