1 Exchange Place | Investment $15.8 Million

Address: 57 Exchange Street

Developer: Ballybreen Ventures

Housing Units: 45

Completion Date: 2023

5 Madison Street Mixed Use Development | Under Agreement

Address: 5 Madison Street

Developer: SMC Management Corp

Housing Units: 110

30 Winfield Homeless Housing | Investment: $2.7 Million

Address: 30 Winfield Street

Developer: South Middlesex Opportunities

Affordable Housing Units: 18

441 Sunderland Road Luxury Apartments  |  Purchase: $6.6 Million

Address: 441 Sunderland Road

Developer: Premier Investment Properties

Housing Units: 48

526 Main Street Rehabilitation | Investment $7.9 Million

Address: 526 Main Street

Developer: Menkiti Group

African Community Education new HQ | Investment $3.0 Million

Address: 51 Gage Street

Developer: African Community Education

Alta on the Row | Investment: $106 Million 

Address: 28 Mulberry Street

Developer: Wood Partners

Housing Units: 371

Completion Date: Spring 2024

Amazon Distribution Center | Purchase: $7.1 Million 

Address: 7 Neponset Street

Developer: Amazon, Finard Properties

Aurora Apartments | Investment: $15.0 Million

Address: 660 Main Street

Developer: Community Builders

Affordable Housing Units: 85

Big D Demolitions

Address: 195 Mills Street

Developer: Worcester Mill, LLC

Botany Bay Townhouse | $20.0 million

Address: 261 Clover Street

Developer: Botany Bay Construction

Housing Units: 90

Completion Date: Apr. 2022

Chandler Street Redesign Projects | Investment: $9.2 Million 

Address: Chandler Street

Developer: City of Worcester and MassDot

Cheney-Ballard Building Renovation | Investment: $5.25 Million

Address: 517 Main Street

Developer: MG2 Group

Housing Units: 8

City of Worcester Green Island Initiative | Investment: $3 Million

Address: Green Island Neighborhood

Developer: City of Worcester

Completion Date: 2025

Address: Downtown

Developer: City of Worcester

CSX Worcester Rail Improvements

Address: North Worcester

Developer: CSX Corporation

Fairway Beef Housing Development: Purchase: $1.0 Million

Address: 44 Grafton Street

Developer: AKROS Development

Housing Units: 100

Franklin Street Apartments

Address: 274-290 Franklin Streets, Hygeia and Arctic Streets

Developer: GoVenture Capital Group LLC

Housing Units: 364

Greendale Revitalization Initiative

Address: C Street, Ararat Street

Developer: Worcester Business Development Corporation, Saint Gobain Abrasives

Hampton Properties’ Becker Properties | $1.5 Million (as of 2021)

Address: Ceder, Fruit, Oak, Roxbury, Sever, West, William Streets

Developer: Hampton Properties, LLC

Housing Units: 16 (as of 2021)

Completion Date: 2022

Hemans Street Apartments | Purchase: $6.4 Million

Address: Hemans Street

Developer: SMC Management Corp

Housing Units: 216

Home2 Suites at Washington Square | Investment: $21.8 Million

Address: 0, 20, 36 Washington Square

Developer: First Bristol Corp.

Completion Date: 2023

Kane Building Rehabilitation (Olympic Trophy) | Investment: $9.8 Million

Address: 204 Main Street

Developer: Menkiti Group

Kettle Brook Loft Expansion

Address: 1511 Main Street

Developer: Kettle Brook Lofts

Lagrange Street Affordable Housing | Investment: $43.0 Million

Address: 35 Lagrange Street, 42 Lagrange Street

Developer: Civico Development, Rees-Larkin Development

Housing units: 63

Lutheran Rehabilitation and Skilled Care Center renovations | Investment: $56.73 Million

Address: 26 Harvard Street

Developer: Ascentria Care Alliance

Madison Properties Ballpark Campus | Investment $150.3 Million (as of 2021)

Address: Madison Street

Developer: Madison Properties

Housing Units: 353

Completion Date: 2027

Main South New Retail Buildings | Investment: $2.9 Million

Address: 807-815 Main Street

Developer: Main South Community Development Corporation

Completion Date: 2024

Merrick at the Green | Investment: $18.0 Million

Address: 11 Sever Street

Developer: Community Builders

Affordable Housing Units: 49

Midtown Mall Revitalization and 44 Front St | $180,000 (as of 2020)

Address: 10-44 Front Street

Developer: Northeast Properties

Housing Units: 46

Completion Date: 2022

One Lincoln Square (Boys Club) | Investment: $52 Million

Address: Lincoln Square

Developer: WinnDevelopment Co.

Housing Units: 80 (Senior Housing)

Completion Sate: Starting 2023

QCC 13Q Center | Investment: $25 Million

Address: 670 W Boylston St

Developer: Quinsigamond Community College

SilverBrick Skyhouse (Commerce Building) | Investment: $54.5 million

Address: 340 Main Street

Developer: SilverBrick Group LLC

Housing Units: 312

Completion Date: 2023

Rossi Development Harvard Street

Address: 8 Harvard Street

Developer: Rossi Development

Housing Units: 251

Rossi Development Hermon Street | Investment: $7.8 Million

Address: 26, 33, and 39 Hermon Street, 9 Harris Ct

Developer: Rossi Development

Housing Units: 66

Completion Date: Spring 2023

Table Talk Lofts Workforce Housing (Table Talk Kelley Square Bakery) | Investment: $35 Million (Same)

Address: 120 Washington Street

Developer: Boston Capital Development LLC

Affordable Housing Units: 83

Completion Date: 2023

Table Talk Lofts Market Rate Housing (Table Talk Kelley Square Bakery) | Investment: $35 Million (Same)

Address: 139 Green Street

Developer: Boston Capital Development LLC, Quartera Multifamily

Housing Units: 375

Completion Date: 2023

Table Talk Lofts Rossi (Pie Store)| Purchase: $734,000

Address: 153 Green Street

Developer: 153 Green Street LLC

Housing Units: 15

Completion Date: 2023

The Arbella at Bramble Hills | Investment: $53.0 Million

Address: 757 Salisbury Street

Developer: United Group of Companies

Housing Units: 123

The Cove (Lucky Dog Music Hall) | Investment: $81 Million

Address: 89 Green Street

Developer: The Gold Block, LLC and Churchill James, LLC

Housing Units: 173

The Reactory | Investment: $350 Million (as of 2021)

Address: Belmont and Plantation Street

Developer: Worcester Business Development Corporation, Galaxy Life Sciences, UMass Memorial Health

Completion Date: Ongoing as of 2022

Tiny Home Village | Investment: $7.0 Million

Address: 264 Stafford Street

Developer: Civico Development

Affordable Housing Units: 21

UMass Memorial Health Community Healthlink | Investment: $700,000

Address: 12 Queen Street

Developer: UMass Memorial Health

UMCMS New Research and Education Building | Investment: $325 Million

Address: 55 N Lake Avenue (center quad)

Developer: UMass Chan Medical School, Shawmut Design and Construction

Completion Date: Winter 2023

Union Station MBTA Center Platform | Investment: $40 Million

Address: 2 Washington Square

Developer: City of Worcester and MBTA

Completion Date: 2025

Veterans Inc. Service Center | Investment $3.0 Million

Address: 701 Lincoln Street

Developer: Veterans Inc.

WHA Curtis Apartments redevelopment | Investment: $178 Million

Address: 32 Great Brook Valley Avenue

Developer: Worcester Housing Authority, Trinity Financial

Housing Units: 100

WHA Lakeside Apartments Redevelopment

Address: 30 Lakeside Avenue

Affordable Housing Units: 374

Whitcomb Manufacturing Rehabilitation | Investment: $4.0 Million

Address: 134 Gold Street

Developer: Paul Giorgio

Worcester Academy (Capozzoli) Recreation & Athletic Complex 

Address: 121 Providence Street & Winthrop Street

Developer: Worcester Academy

Worcester Business Center Solar Array | Investment: $6.0 Million

Address: 67 Millbrook Street

Developer: Green Street Power Partners

Completion Date: 2021

Worcester Creative Hub | Investment: $8.0 Million

Address: 2 Ionic Avenue

Developer: Massachusetts Art Education Association

Completion Date: 2022

Worcester Memorial Auditorium | Investment: $94.0 Million

Address: Lincoln Square

Developer: Architectural Heritage Foundation

Completion Date: End of 2022

Worcester Public Schools New Construction | Investment: $576.1 Million (In Total)

Address: 299 Highland St (Doherty), 170 Apricot St (South), 140 Harrington Way (North)

Developer: City of Worcester

Completion Date: 2024 (latest, Doherty)

Worcester Regional Airport Improvements |

Investment: $175.4 Million

Address: 375 Airport Drive

Developer: Massachusetts Port Authority

Completion Date: Ongoing as of 2021