Snapshot: 2020 – 2021 StartUp Worcester Cohort Companies

StartUp Worcester Press Release Fall 2020

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AVR Industries  |  Adam J Vadala-Roth

WPI 2013

An open 3D printable metric aluminum extrusion construction system. Designed for prototyping automated machinery, robotics, and static structures.


*Bit Spartan Security  |  Sonny Phengsomphone

Johnson & Wales University Providence 2005

Bit Spartan Security specialize in Red Team, Blue Team cybersecurity attack and defense operations.

*The Cubby  |  Matteo Cugno

Worcester Polytechnic Institute 2022

College students are sick and tired of getting ripped off by overpriced items needed for their college experience. The Cubby is an online community marketplace that provides a safe, exclusive, and inexpensive solution for college students to buy and sell from their classmates.

Doughboyz  |  Justin Amevor

WPI 2020

Pancake Delivery Service

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handi co.  |  Patrick Goguen

Massachusetts College of Art and Design 2012

handi co. is a small company serving the greater Worcester area supplying professional handyman, carpentry, and painting services for personalized expert help with your household needs. We specialize in custom woodworking, interior painting, and prepping homes & apartments for sale or rent. We take gratification in our work, and our customer service.

Integrated Vision  |  Abdulilah Mayet

KAUST 2016

Integrated Vision company (IVC) will manufacture apparatus to help impaired people in mobility, vision, and hearing. The targeted device will utilize an IR camera to build a 3D picture with the support of artificial intelligence (AI). The AI will intemperate and interconnect the human to the environment and let them live independently from others.

Kitten Kaboodle  |  Elise Mariolis
Kitten Kaboodle is the “publishing company” that is releasing my new children’s book, The Dog with No Chill. It is set to be released February 2021 on Amazon.

Multiscale Systems, Inc.  |  Jesse Silverberg

Northeastern University (BS); Cornell University (PhD) 2009 (BS); 2014 (PhD)

We design and manufacture advanced materials that are lighter, stronger, and better than conventional counterparts.

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Pineapple Girl Productions  |  Addy Brennan

Becker College 2019

Pineapple Girl Productions is a Multimedia Marketing Agency. We aim to help businesses with all things marketing from graphic design and web development, to photography and social media management. We are formatted as a freelance collective to maximize our talent pool and projects for local creators, while minimizing cost to our clients.

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Sanrel|  Michael Alexander Perrone

Worcester Polytechnic Institute 2017

I will bootstrap Sanrel with sales of 3D printing nozzles which add metal printing capability to RepRap-style household 3D printers. Once I prove out the market, I will license the technology to companies I trust will continue production properly. Then I will use these funds to bring my more game-changing technologies to market, then rinse and repeat.

World Youth Opportunity Inc  |  Keith Ajeh

Worcester State University 2017

WYO is actively involved in community outreach programs to provide the necessary education and training required to develop the right skill set in areas of Information Technology & Entrepreneurship that will empower the youths to become employable and financially strong, reduce unemployment, alleviating youth poverty and ultimately reducing crime rate in our community.

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