Proposed - Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce


34 Blackstone River Road

Address: 34, 36, 38 Blackstone River

Developer: Blackstone River Road Worcester Realty Trust

Housing Units: 20

48 Mason Street Apartments | Purchase $270,000

Address: 48 Mason Street

Developer: Kensington Management LLC

Affordable Housing Units: 98

49 Upland Street Apartments

Address: 49 Upland Street

Developer: Henchey, LLC

Housing Units: 120

90 Lamartine Street Apartments

Address: 90 Lamartine Street

Developer: Worcester Bedworks, Inc.

Housing Units: 38

110 Webster St Apartments | Purchase: $495,000

Address: 110 Webster Street

Developer:  Maverick Real Estate Investment

Housing Units: 18

140 Goddard Memorial Drive Criterion | Purchase: $9.6 Million

Address: 140 Goddard Memorial Drive

Developer: Criterion Group LLC

221 Chandler Street Site

Address: 221 Chandler Street

Developer: Polar Views LLC

244 Main Street Restaurant & Bar | Purchase: $925,000

Address: 244 Main Street

Developer: Commerce Associates

300 Southbridge St | Purchase: $1 Million

Address: 300 Southbridge Street

Developer: Dalfior Development Inc.

Housing Units: 21

Alexan Worcester

Address: 3 Oriol Drive

Developer: Maple Mutli-Family Development LLC

Housing Units: 220

Clark University Mixed-Use Student Housing

Address: 912 Main Street

Developer: Trustees of Clark University

Criterion Warehouse (Showcase Cinemas) | Purchase: $8.75 Million

Address: 135 Brooks Street

Developer: Criterion Group LLC

Denholm Building Rehabilitation/Demolition | Purchase: $6.8 Million

Address: 484-500 Main Street

Department of Public Works & Parks Lots

Address: 26 and 29 Albany Street

Developer: TBD

Extra Space Storage Facility | Purchase: $800,000

Address: 0 Barber Avenue

Developer: PSCWorcester LLC

Former Becker Dorm Apartments (Willow Hall) | Purchase: $7.2 Million

Address: 38 Cedar Street

Developer: Olivella Properties

Housing Units: 36

Former Diamond Chevrolet Site in Park Ave | Purchase: $ 7 million

Address: 520 Park Avenue

Developer: Clark University

Former Notre Dame site at City Square | Purchase: $5 million

Address: 5 Salem Street

Developer: Garfield Spencer

Former WBJ Offices  

Address: 172 Shrewsbury St

Developer: Parkside Holdings

Frankenstien Recycling Property

Address: 13 Southgate Place

Developer: TBD

Franklin Street Apartments (Chioda’s Trattoria)

Address: 631 Franklin Street

Developer: Premier Investment Properties LLC

Housing Units: 24

Freight Terminal 1 of Massachusetts LLC

Address: 25 Eskow Road

Developer: Wesfer Freight

Gateway Park III O’Connell Development

Address: 32 Prescott Street

Developer: O’Connell Development Group

Goddard/Homestead Senior Living Apartments | Purchase: $4.75 Million

Address: 781 Grove Street

Developer: Goddard/Homestead

Housing units: 158

Goodbridge Brook Estates | Purchase: $225,000

Address: 1103 Millbury Street

 Developer: Crescent Builders

Housing units: 51

Houghton Street Nursing Home

Address: 112, 114, 118, 120 Houghton Street

Developer: Houghton Street Holdings

Kelly’s Roast Beef and Gold Star Blvd Retail Plaza

Address: 70 Gold Star Blvd

Developer: Parkingway Management LLC

Mercantile Center Apartments

Address: 90 Front Street

Developer: Franklin Realty Advisors

Housing Units: 150

Mercantile Center Hotel

Address: 2 Mercantile Street

Developer: Franklin Realty Advisors

MLK Jr. Opportunity Center Homeless Housing

Address: 237 Chandler Street

Developer: SMOC

Housing Units: 20

Olympia Theatre Renovation | Purchase: $527,400

 Address: 17-27 Pleasant Street

Developer: Cronos LLC

One CitySquare | Purchase: $5.0 Million

Address: 200 Front Street

Developer: Garfield Spencer

Housing Units: 145

Piccadilly Plaza Redevelopment: Purchase: $3.2 Million

Address: 490 Shrewsbury Street

Developer: American East Coast II, LLC

Providence and Worcester RR former HQ | Purchase: $1.85 Million

Address: 75 Hammond Street

Developer: MQM Cleaning and Facility Services

RMV Site | Purchase: $2.5 Million

Address: 611 Main Street

Developer: Menkiti Group

Saint Vincent Properties at Senior Center

Address: 1 Spurr Street and 12 Winthrop Street

Salisbury Street Retirement Community | Purchase: $820,000

Address: 757 Salisbury Street

Developer: United Group of Companies

Housing Units: 123

Shrewsbury Street Apartments | Purchase: $1.6 Million

Address: 224 Shrewsbury Street

Developer: Lundgren Equity Partners LLC

Housing Units: 73 (2023)

Shrewsbury Street Apartments | Purchase: $8.1 Million

Address: 225 Shrewsbury Street, 68 Albany Street

Developer: Lundgren Equity Partners LLC

Housing Units: 218

Shrewsbury Street Apartment Development | Purchase: $895,000

Address: 393-397 Shrewsbury Street

Developer: Weidong “Wilson” Wang, 318 Park LLC

Housing Units: 24

Slater Building 

Address: 390 Main St

Developer: WinnDevelopment

Starbucks Coffee

Address: 105-115 Stafford Street

Developer: Colvest/Stafford Heard Wor. LLC

Taylor and Farley Building Apartments

Address: 17 Hermon Street

Developer: GoVenture Capital Group LLC

Housing Units: 36

The Grid 35 Portland Street | Purchase: $3.25 Million

Address: 35 Portland Street

Developer: MG2 Group

Housing Units: 108

Washburn-Garfield Corp. Building | Purchase: $4.2 Million

Address: 100 Prescott Street

Developer: Block Properties

WCHR Homeless Housing (Quality Inn)

Address: 50 Oriol Drive

Developer: Worcester Community Housing Resources

Housing Units: 90

WAH Mill Apartments

Address: 70 Webster Street

Housing Units: 33

Developer: Worcester Affordable Housing, LLC

Worcester Five Cents Bank Building | Purchase $1.7 Million

Address: 316 Main Street

Developer: Cunningham & Associates