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Manufacturing Accelerators and Makerspaces

Below are Manufacturing Accelerators and Makerspaces in the Worcester Area

Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MassMEP)

Services for scaling manufacturing companies, offering business mentoring and professional resources.

27A Midstate Dr., Auburn



A makerspace offering professional training for wood and metalwork and 3D printing, plus rental bays for makers and artisans.

44 Portland St., Worcester


The WorcShop

A 52,000sq ft makerspace – the largest on the East Coast – with an array of advanced industrial equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters, design software, and welders dedicated to manufacturing and industrial arts.

11 Hankey St., Leicester


WPI Center for Innovative Manufacturing Solutions

Provides business advice and technical assistance for small- to medium-sized manufacturers with less than 100 employees.

100 Institute Rd., Worcester


Worcester Center for Crafts

A craftsmanship nonprofit with over 150 years of experience and a partnership with Worcester State University, offering public classes in ceramics, metalwork, glasswork, and photography.

25 Sagamore Rd., Worcester