By Margie Breault, Class of 2023

As I look back on my impactful and enlightening journey through Leadership Worcester, I am filled with immense gratitude for the profound impact it has had on my personal and professional growth. This unique program connected me with a diverse network of thinkers and doers, provided invaluable insights into critical issues facing Greater Worcester, and empowered me to become a more effective advocate and leader within my community.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Leadership Worcester was the opportunity to engage with influential leaders and key stakeholders in the region. Through exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences, I gained a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that shape our community. From Q&A sessions with City Manager Eric Batista, to historical tours with esteemed figures such as William Wallace, the Executive Director of Worcester Historical Museum, I was inspired by the wealth of knowledge shared by these leaders. Their insights and experiences served as a guiding light, fueling my passion for making a unified and balanced shift in our community.

The program also offered a comprehensive exploration of various sectors and industries, equipping participants with a holistic view of the region’s landscape. From K-12 education and perceptions of safety to government operations and economic development, each module delved into critical topics that shape the vitality of Worcester. Engaging with leaders, policy experts, and community members, I gained invaluable insights into the intricate dynamics and challenges associated with these sectors.

Furthermore, the program highlighted the importance of fostering a vibrant arts and culture scene, as well as promoting sustainable urban development. Immersive experiences, such as tours of artistic spaces like the JMAC theater and soon to be Creative Hub on Ionic Ave, performances from local creatives, and experiencing the profound impact of art on our emotional wellbeing and connection to culture. These experiences not only showcased the richness of our creative community but also shed light on the possibilities for growth and collaboration.

A vital component of Leadership Worcester was the emphasis on personal and professional relationships. Through collaborative workshops, networking opportunities, and shared experiences, I formed lifelong friendships and expanded my personal and professional network. The program fostered an inclusive and supportive environment, where participants were encouraged to share their perspectives, exchange ideas, and support one another. This network of like-minded individuals continues to inspire and motivate me as I pursue my leadership journey.

One of the most valuable aspects of my experience with Leadership Worcester was the further development and fostering of those essential leadership skills, enhancing the qualities that each participant individually possesses; as well as giving us all the actionable ways to elevate those intrinsic superpowers. Through workshops on facilitation, storytelling, and leadership styles, I honed my ability to effectively communicate, inspire, and motivate others. These skills are instrumental in navigating complex challenges, fostering collaboration, and leading with empathy and integrity. The program equipped me with the tools needed to make a meaningful difference and create sustainable change within organizations and the broader community.

Leadership Worcester also helped to instill the significance of health and wellness for my cohort, and further established my dedication to helping create a healthy and thriving Worcester. Sessions focused on improving access to healthcare and addressing socio-economic determinants of health allowed me to gain insights from esteemed health experts and understand the multifaceted nature of this critical field. Being able to interact with Worcester Housing Authority, LIFT and Legendary Legacies helped shed light on the efforts made to enhance the well-being of our community.

As my journey through Leadership Worcester came to a close, the program provided a space for reflection and celebration. The closing ceremony was a poignant reminder of the growth we had collectively experienced. An inspiring keynote presentation from the incredible and dynamic Senator Robyn Kennedy, encouraged us to continue our leadership journey with passion and dedication. The community reception brought together participants, community leaders, and stakeholders to celebrate our accomplishments and declare our commitment to ongoing leadership development.

My experience with Leadership Worcester has been truly transformative. The program provided me with a comprehensive understanding of critical issues facing Greater Worcester and equipped me with the necessary skills and connections to be a more empowered and effective leader. I am grateful for the opportunity to engage with influential leaders, explore diverse sectors, and develop meaningful relationships with fellow participants. Leadership Worcester has ignited a deeper sense of purpose within me, and I am committed to using my newfound knowledge and skills to contribute to the growth, well-being and prosperity of our community.