By Bayla Cohen, Intern, Boston University School of Communications

Building on the success and excitement of last year’s first ever Tri-Chamber Networking Event and Salute to Veterans, the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce will once again partner with the Marlboro Regional Chamber of Commerce and the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, November 12, 2020, from 4 to 7 pm, at the American Heritage Museum in Hudson, MA.

In preparation for this event, the three Chambers asked various ad agencies to put together their most creative proposal for re-branding the event. In each proposal, they were asked to include a tagline, a save the date, and graphics. After receiving many submissions, the committee, comprised of representatives of the three chambers and the museum, voted to go with the design created by Trigon Creative to brand the 2020 tri-chamber veterans event.

Trigon Creative, a part of BlueHive Exhibits – an exhibit manufacturer and event management company in Worcester – is a full-service Advertising Agency that offers its clients creative branding content. The agency’s six employees work together to create unique and compelling visuals designed for multiple platforms.

“We all come about it from our different perspectives,” said Jillian, Trigon’s creative director. We begin the designing process with a discovery call, where the team gathers together to discuss the project. In this open environment, different ideas are explored, then brought to life with refinements made until they are ready to unveil it to their client.

Trigon Creative is committed to excellent customer service and work with their clients to tweak their concepts until each customer is satisfied that the visual reflects the company’s image. In fact, Trigon’s original design for the tri-chamber veterans event went through a revision process where they provided tweaks and enhancements to the original concept resulting in a design that best reflected the event. “We continue to have check-ins and revision time [with the Chamber]” Jessica, Trigon’s art director, added.

Trigon Creative was eager to take on this project since it allowed them to use their skills for a good cause. Their goal for this assignment was to create a uniquely captivating design and tagline. “We wanted everything to be patriotic without being cliche,” Jessica noted. Their graphic incorporates the traditional red, white, and blue with an image of three, diverse saluting soldiers. “The three soldiers signify the three chambers,” Jillian emphasized. Originally they submitted three different taglines from which the committee could select. However, the Chambers really liked two of them so Trigon found a way to combine them into one powerful tagline.

“The tagline is so important,” Jillian remarked, “it has to be simple enough to get the message across and clever enough to be interesting.” The tagline attached to the graphic is “Tri-Salute to Our Troops.” They used “Tri-Salute” to signify the three Chambers coming together for this important event. Following the tagline, Trigon added, “Your History. Our Heritage,” to show the importance of honoring our veterans and telling their stories for a positive impact.

“Veterans day is here to celebrate our veterans who are alive and have done so much and are still here to tell the tale,” Jillian added on the importance of this event. Additionally, this event provides area business with an opportunity to network, which the staff at Trigon Creative believe is crucial to running a business.

“It’s all about building relationships,” Jillian explained. In fact, that is why Trigon Creative, along with BlueHive Exhibits chose to be a part of the Worcester Regional Chamber. “We joined because it helps us get our name and our presence out there, as well as build relationships,” Jillian remarked. In particular, “We always attend the Chamber’s Business After Hours to be a part of the local businesses of Worcester.”

As an advertising agency, Trigon Creative’s goal is to be accessible to local businesses. They cater to small, unique businesses rather than focus on large conglomerates. “I’d rather have a lot of clients than one notable one, because if you lose that one then you lose the business,” said Caitlyn, vice president of Trigon Creative. “I am proud of the diverse types of clients we serve,” she continued. While Trigon hopes to grow in the future, its mission is to serve the local businesses to help advertise their unique brands. “We want to be local and the Chamber helps us achieve that goal,” Jillian concluded.