The Chamber is one of the lead organizations charged with attracting businesses who are moving or expanding and are seeking a region in the Northeast in which to do so. New businesses and residents increase a city’s tax base, support local businesses, and add to its vitality. More than ever, people are relocating to communities based on an area’s quality of life. Progressive communities and companies are touting lifestyle as much as jobs for talent recruitment. As part of the Chamber’s strategy to Recruit, Retain, and Incubate businesses, we have partnered with Livability Media, a nationwide, content marketing and media company to produce a print magazine and web content highlighting our many assets. Livability will tell our story with outstanding content and compelling design to help us attract talent, investment, and tourism.

For 2021, Worcester made the Top 100 best places to live list. Check out the list here.  Read Worcester’s listing.


Will Zanetis, Senior Integrated Media Manager
Office: 615-771-0080 / Direct: 615-668-1207 is a nationally recognized authority on best places to live, work and visit with custom content that will market the assets of Worcester and the region. And there are many. They include our educated and skilled workforce, colleges and universities, hospitals and healthcare, our cultural and entertainment amenities, proximity to major cities, transportation systems, and much more.

Beginning soon, Chamber members may advertise in the magazine and on which draws more than 10 million visitors and 37 million page views annually. Advertiser messages will be in front of this large audience of individuals and businesses exploring the great communities in America. People who relocate spend more during the 3 months surrounding their move than a non-mover spends in 5 years. And, those who relocate are looking for the people that they want to do business with. In fact, Worcester made their top 100 places to live in 2019.

State and regional options allow businesses to pinpoint their audience across counties, regions, and states. And their local advertising options with original articles, videos, and photo galleries showcase the best the community has to offer including shopping, food, attractions, neighborhoods, healthcare, and more.

This marketing piece content will help the Chamber to attract investment, create jobs, and draw talent to our communities. Additionally, it will support the efforts of Discover Central Mass., and other organizations, that aim to attract visitors and their dollars to the area. And, it can help you get the word out to a new audience. The Livability team will reach out soon with information, or, you may contact the Chamber: 508.753.2924.