By Sharyn T. Williams, VP of Marketing, Communications, Programs, and Events, Worcester Regional Chamber

The sound of shattering glass, the crunch of plastic on steel, the whack of a sledgehammer coming down on glass, ceramic, and a mixture of other satisfyingly breakable items.

Sound enticing? The Chamber staff will tell you it is. Our team visited member, Smashit2 to check out this new, and might we say, timely business who is offering a unique opportunity to do something that most of us have thought about doing…smashing the heck out of something just because it feels so good.

And with the pandemic, ongoing racism, social isolation, financial uncertainty, and whatever might be on your own, preferably un-smashed plate, the sledgehammers and baseball bats offer a welcome and safe way to release some of those pent-up emotions that might otherwise come out in unhelpful ways.

Sister and brother team, Darcy Cook and Joe Ceccarelli created and own this unusual business, there’s only nine like it across the country, as a way to become involved in the community and support their other business, Safety Trainers.

Ms. Cook puts it this way, “We see our unique business as a way to try something new, celebrate a special moment in time, process life, and build relationships. We love hearing everyone’s stories and we ask visitors to sign the walls of our smash rooms, so they can be part of our story.”

Since 1998, Safety Trainers, based out of Auburn, Mass., has provided on site emergency management and OSHA training, policy development, safety site supervisors, consulting and resources throughout New England.

This family business was formed when Darcy, a physical therapist, and her firefighter brothers who were teaching first aid and CPR followed their father’s suggestion and created a safety training company. After the 9/11 attack, the company grew from an emergency management and training company into an occupational, health and safety company for general industry and construction and now serves 20 different industries throughout New England.

The Smashit2 building, located at 49 Canterbury Street in Worcester, offers no exterior hint about the carnage to small appliances, dishware, and other smashable items, taking place inside.

A room with a kitchen and a small gathering space greets ‘smashers’ as they enter. This quickly gives way to rooms specifically built to let loose in with bats swinging and hammers crashing down amid the satisfying sound of breaking glass. But before you get started, safety is the first course of business. After signing a waiver and donning protective gear, the fun starts and the Chamber staff wasted no time getting going. Four different smash rooms and viewing windows provide an opportunity to check out techniques while waiting to be a part of the action.

Techniques varied. From the toss and swing, to the smash from above, and the fire a baseball at it, the result was the same, flying shreds of what used to be a mirror, plate, cup, became shards glittering and decimated on the floor. And that’s not to mention the cheers and smiles replacing the quiet consternation that has been the last several months.

“The team thoroughly enjoyed smashing things and not having to clean it up! If you’re looking for a unique team building activity this is the place to go. Darcy and her staff go above and beyond to create a fun experience. Smashit2 is truly a wonderful addition to the business community – and, we were so happy to support her opening, no small feat during a pandemic,” said Kristen Luna, the Chamber’s membership sales and services representative.

The sledgehammers are heavy and get the job done pretty quickly. But not to worry, there’s plenty to smash. Cook has plenty of clean out companies, trash haulers, and others who are keen to donate breakables. Smashing these items into bits makes them easier and cheaper to dispose of. You could call it a win-win-win for Smashit2, disposal businesses, and the wielders of those hefty hammers and bats.

Smashit2 is way to take charge and just waiting for you to take out your frustration and energy on. Oddly, the sparkling fragments littering the floor offers an interesting view of once intact items that are now the remnants of unwanted and out of style goods that once served a useful purpose and decorated homes. There are plenty of packages and specials from which to select including the ‘Let It Go Package,’ ‘Smashy Hour,’ and ‘Mom Break Time.’ Art classes, yoga, and more add a little variety and creativity to your Smashit2 experience.

And, they’re teaming up with other small businesses to create packages and events that expand the experience. This month, a partnership with The Beer Garden offered the first beer compliments of Smashit2 and 20% off your first appetizer. Want to get even more physical? Their upstairs room offers a fun twist on the usually sedate yoga glass with fuzzy mats, raucous poses, and a whole lot of fun. Want to get creative? Their art events include painting a wine glass, smashing it and then turning it into something else.

Whether it’s a girl’s night out, corporate teambuilding, a fun family activity, Smashit2 is a fun time that offers a unique, new experience in Central Massachusetts. For now, Smashit2 is available by appointment only and kids under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent. For more information, including cost and hours of operation, visit