Auburn Select Board Votes to Narrow Tax Differential Between Residents and Businesses

Auburn, MA-Last Monday, the Auburn Select Board voted to continue to narrow the tax differential between the residents and businesses in that town in a 3-1 vote. They voted to move the Commercial Industrial Personal Property (CIP) shift from the current 1.15 differential to 1.12 signaling their continued efforts to not only recruit new businesses, but to retain their current businesses.

The motion was made by Selectman Steve Chambers and seconded by Selectwoman Sara Rufli. Chairman Scott Wren was the third vote to move the CIP to 1.12. In his support of the vote, Chairman Wrenn stated that, “when the City of Worcester is going the other way, there is an opportunity for this town, and I do believe that moving towards a single tax rate will lower the taxes for everybody.”

There are only three communities in Central Massachusetts with a dual tax system: Worcester, Auburn, and Clinton. Auburn made it clear what their intentions are in their vote last week. The town of Clinton also continues to vote towards a single tax rate citing a need and want to attract new businesses and revitalize their downtown. In 2019 the City of Fitchburg voted to adopt a single tax rate by an 8-2 vote. In 2018 the Town of Webster moved to a single rate and is now seeing dividends with new businesses in their commercial corridors.