Zephyr Workshop, an independent game company, comprised of alumni from Becker College and the MassDiGI Interactive Media Design program are dedicated to creating easy-to-play gamzephyr-logoes and distinct IPs with unique worlds and characters, bringing those visions to life and delivering them as awesome and amazing experiences to fans! Two-time winners of StartUp Worcester, Zephyr Workshop is comprised of Becker College students and alumni, Breeze Grigas, Director; Sarah Como, COO; Jesse Clark, Design Lead; Zach Kettell, Programmer; and from Quinsigamond Community College, Ryan Richford, Sales.

About A.E.G.I.S.

A.E.G.I.S. offers Combining Robot Strategy Game, a tactics game where players use teams of five combining robots to face off against each other in combat. Players’ squads of robots share energy and fight as one united front and engage in simple dice-based combat. Smaller robots can be combined into bigger, more powerful ones to change the tide of battle. More than 80different robots in five different classes(Assault, Evasive, Guard, Intel, Support) help players find the right strategy and combinations to declare victory! The game is designed to be more accessible than an average tactics game, with the same huge depth of strategy. Quick to play, easy to learn and with infinite possibilities, newcomers to the strategy game scene and wargaming veterans alike enjoy the game.

The game is launching with two different boxes, the red Arc Buster box and the blue Sky Guard box. Each is a stand-alone game for 2-4 players which will retail for $39.95.

A.E.G.I.S. is being launched on Kickstarter and published through Marlborough-based Greenbrier Games, which has a history of extremely successful crowdfunding campaigns. Developers are seeking $40,000 to fund the printing of several thousand copies of the game to be distributed in 2017 to investors and stores across the country.